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Revamping Agilence's Website with Modern Design and Enhanced HubSpot CMS Capabilities

Agilence Website Redesign
Key Outcomes


CTA clicks


increase in pageviews


higher organic search volume


blog entrances

About the Company

When it comes to retail, restaurants, grocery stores, convenience stores, and pharmacies, Agilence is the undisputed leader in data analytics and reporting. By automatically gathering and summarizing data, its intelligent data analytics and reporting technology helps businesses spot anomalies and trends that can enhance operations, gauge enterprise-wide performance, and increase revenues.

With Agilence, users have a bird's-eye view of their operations, allowing them to make better, more timely decisions and boosting productivity across the board. The company’s solutions are built on a proprietary technology platform that combines machine learning with data science to create a powerful tool for analyzing business data.


The Problem

The old website had a number of problems. First, it was hard for the client to easily build and edit new pages. This resulted in bottlenecks for their marketing team and made it difficult to keep up with their rapid growth.

Second, the old website didn't represent the brand well—it was bulky, clunky, and outdated. Third, they wanted a modern and sleek website that would be easy to use for customers of all ages and backgrounds.

With our help, they were able to build an easy-to-update website that accurately reflects their brand, offers clients a simple way to navigate their website, and allows their marketing team to set up campaigns and make adjustments with ease.

What services we provided

Agilence Resource Center

Resource Center

With the implementation of HubDB, the marketing team can easily add, update, or remove resources. The robust filter system allows users to filter the content and quickly find what they need, and the lazy loading system speeds up load times. The new and improved systems promote usability, leading to more conversions.

  • HubDB implementation
  • Filter system
  • Infinite loading for fast loading speeds with HubSpot's API

Simple Mega Menu Navigation

Agilence's website is an excellent example of how to make a simple mega menu navigation that is easy to use, informative, and gives the user enough choices. The mega menu has four main sections: Solutions, Platform, Company, and Resources.

Each section has multiple sub-sections that allow users to quickly and easily navigate. The site also uses clear icons to indicate what each section contains, so users can quickly identify which section they want.

Agilence Mega Menu Navigation

Custom Assets and Graphics

Agilence's custom assets and graphics are a great example of how to use custom graphics on your website. We provided the Agilence website a mix of images, icons, and other assets to create a visually-appealing website. The company also uses them in their social media posts, giving their followers a consistent look and feel across all platforms.

The site uses a lot of white space to create a clean and uncluttered design. This helps make it easier for users to focus on the content of each page without being distracted by unnecessary graphics.


Modern Animations and Motions on Pages

We use the most modern tools to design animations and motions, which we then implemented into the Agilence website.

Similarly, when users scroll down a page, they are rewarded with an animation that indicates something is happening—a technique that keeps users engaged and encourages them to continue reading. 


Results Overview

Our team saved the client a lot of time and effort by creating a new website and HubSpot theme that matched their branding, was easy to edit and build, and represented their technology solution.

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